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Esports is short for electronic sports. Esports are competitive video games that can ​be played individually or as a team. The variety of gameplay and game genre ​make esports one of the most versatile and popular competitions in the world.

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About Us



EMPOWER Esports VI’s mission is to create an ​inclusive and supportive esports community in the VI, ​offering students diverse opportunities to develop ​STEAM skills, social-emotional attributes, and personal ​growth, fostering excellence in gaming and life.

Our vision of Scholastic Esports is to empower students to ​become future-ready and positively impact the world, ​ensuring they possess the knowledge and skills to be society's ​game changers as educated, productive, and empathetic ​individuals.


E - Encourage youth participation in esports through accessible resources, coaching, and training to ​build confidence and skills.

M - Offer mentorship from experienced esports professionals to teach teamwork, communication, and ​problem-solving.

P - Use positive reinforcement like awards and social media shoutouts to boost self-esteem and passion ​in young players.

O - Provide growth opportunities via tournaments, training camps, and networking events to enhance ​skills and industry connections.

W - Prioritize wellness and self-care with regular breaks, healthy options, and mental health resources.

E - Integrate education into esports programs, focusing on game mechanics, strategy, academic growth, ​and professional development.

R - Foster a culture of respect and sportsmanship, emphasizing fairness and honesty in the gaming ​community.

Who We Are

Lea Wilson

Founder & Executive Director

Denise Blanchette

Director of Programs, Educational ​Development & Outreach

Tariq Molloy

Esports Operations & Management ​/ Special Events

Marcus Curran

Community & University ​Engagement / Events

Yuryssa Lewis

Content Creation, Empowerment & ​Leadership Development

Sophie Dean

Content Creation & Social Media